Alyssa Milano Weight Loss: 46 Pounds Lost With Low Carb Ketogenic Style Atkins Diet

Alyssa Milano lost 46 pounds with a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic-inspired Atkins diet. (Photos: Instagram)

By Samantha Chang

Alyssa Milano looks and feels amazing after her 46-pound weight loss on the low-carb, high-fat Atkins diet.

The 5-foot-2 Milano slimmed down from 172 pounds to 126 pounds with a low-carb, ketogenic-style Atkins diet, as Celebrity News has reported.

Like many people, Alyssa was afraid of eating fat. After going on Atkins, she now realizes that consuming healthy fats such as olive oil is a great way to curb hunger and feel satisfied all day.

“I feel so much better than I did before!” said Milano. “You know that feeling when you’re dieting where your stomachs growling and you’re angry and moody? There’s none of that [with Atkins], because you’re getting fats and proteins.”

Alyssa Milano began the Atkins diet a few months ago to jump-start her weight loss after giving birth to her second child in September 2014.

Kendra Wilkinson lost 55 pounds in 5 months with the low-carb, high-fat Atkins diet. (Photos: Instagram)

Similarly, Kendra Wilkinson used the Atkins diet to lose 55 pounds just 5 months after giving birth to her second baby, as Celebrity News has reported.

Low carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets such as the Atkins and ketogenic plans promote rapid weight loss by forcing the body to burn fat for fuel, said obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of Keto Clarity.

Dr. David Ludwig, author of the bestseller Always Hungry? Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, agrees. Ludwig lost 20 pounds in 3 months without feeling hungry or counting calories with a LCHF diet.

Low carb, high-fat diets keep blood sugar stable, suppress appetite, and enhance mood, said Dr. Ludwig, a physician and Harvard nutrition professor.

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